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In collaboration with Liam Rogerson & Marko Tesonavic

United Kingdom

Publication 210mm x 297mm

Forgetful is a collaboration project. Forgetful is a streetwear brand that focuses on creating a community with the objective to help tackle societal issues. The project consisted of working together to create the brand identity and apparel line. My position after helping to establish the brand and clothing designs was to design a working website with a shop, blog and interactive magazine.


'As young creatives from underprivileged backgrounds, we seek to help those from underprivileged communities, with the aim of reforming society. Coming from nothing we often felt forgotten or unheard. We are a voice for those often forgotten by society. Whether that is talking about social and political issues in our magazine, donating proceeds to charities and organisations, or highlighting talented creatives on our website. We aim to provide authentic clothing whilst creating opportunities. Opportunities for those often forgotten.'

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